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Our Company

Touch ‘n Seal is a product of DAP Products Inc. We have three facilities, but it is our plant in Pacific, MO that manufactures Touch ‘n Seal products, as well as our consumer line of Touch ‘n Foam straw foams. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality and service, and our ability to bring new products to market quickly. Our objective is to develop and safely manufacture unique, value-added solutions far ahead of industry requirements.


Our Brands Include:

Touch ‘n Foam is a manufacturer of premium-quality insulating foam sealants, specialty coatings and adhesives for use in both home improvement and residential, commercial and industrial  construction projects. Touch 'n Foam DIY insulating foam sealants help control airflow in and out of homes by filling gaps and cracks in the home's interior and exterior, which helps maintain a consistent temperature year round while lowering utility bills. Learn more about Touch 'n Foam Spray Foam Insulation products.