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Two Component Foam & Adhesives

Touch 'n Seal two-component, low-pressure, spray-applied or pour-in-place polyurethane foam systems were designed for insulating residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural structures. They are supplied from disposable cylinders, the Touch 'n Seal CPDS Series 2, or refillable cylinders. The components are mixed and applied with the patented applicator to produce rapidly curing rigid polyurethane foam for insulation, air-sealing and other uses.  Choose from 6 different formulations.

1.0 PCF Open Cell Foam

Touch ‘n Seal Low Density (1.0 pcf) Spray Foam is an open-cell, non-structural air sealing and insulating foam for use in both new construction and renovation of industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential properties.

1.75 PCF FR Standard Closed Cell Foam

Touch ‘ n Seal 1.75 PCF FR Standard formula is a closed cell, polyurethane spray foam that provides increased structural strength, sound attenuation and thermal insulation while protecting against energy-robbing air infiltration, reducing overall building energy consumption.  

1.75 PCF FR ICC Closed Cell Foam

Touch ‘n Seal 1.75 PCF FR ICC formula is a two component, closed cell polyurethane spray foam that provides the same benefits as Touch ‘n Seal’s standard fire resistant 1.75 PCF foam, while also designed to meet the exacting requirements associated with the International Code Council (ICC) for U.S. building codes.

1.75 PCF Slow Rise Closed Cell Foam

Touch ‘n Seal Slow Rise is designed for pour-in-place applications where foam needs to completely fill cavities or spaces without creating voids or excessive pressure.  Common uses include marine floatation, insulating difficult to reach voids in construction projects and OEM insulation or cavity filling applications.

2.0 PCF Closed Cell Foam

Touch 'n Seal 2.0 PCF Spray Foam is suitable for use in both commercial and recreational watercraft. It offers increased structural strength, superior sound control and excellent thermal insulation.

3.0 PCF Closed Cell Foam

Touch ‘n Seal 3.0 PCF is a high compressive strength foam for use in new installations and for repairs or renovations of existing spray foam roofs.

Storm Bond 2

Storm Bond 2 is a fast-curing, ultra-strong, two-component adhesive that virtually eliminates the need for nail and screw penetrations in the roof. Storm Bond 2 is Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code approved.